Aisha O. Tofa

Brands & Communications Specialists, Startup Mentor/Coach, Gender & Financial Advocate.

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About Me

I am Passionate about Startups, Women’s Economic Resilience, and Financial Inclusion


Values I can offer You, Your Brand/Organisation

Mentoring & Coaching
Research & Development

Work Experience

Brand Communications
Brand Communications
Marketing and Branding
Marketing and Branding
Partnership & Collaborations
Partnership & Collaborations
Project Design & Development
Project Design and Development
Business Development and Coaching
Business Development and Coaching
Real Estate Consultancy
Real Estate Consultancy

What People Say About Me

An inspiration to women everywhere. Working on projects with Aysha has made me seen first-hand how passionate she is about technology and its potential to change the world. In addition to her work in the startup space, she has also been involved in the development of opportunities for young women out there.

Sumayya Umar
Creative Director

I have worked with Aisha Tofa for the past 6 years on multiple projects, she is a solution-driven woman, self-aware with various abilities to empower others. Her sound experience in building business, relationships, and communication is top-notch. She is ascended to the pinnacle of woman leadership in northern Nigeria

Yomi Sani Ibrahim
HR Specialist

As a program manager who has worked on several projects, I have worked alongside Aisha on different projects because she has a high level of expertise in implementation and timely deliverables. Sincerely we have worked and I can at least say that she has helped me to achieve a high-quality result. Aisha Tofa is a woman that everyone will like to work with.

Yusuf Christopher Adeiza
Program Manager

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